Tourism in Saudi Arabia

Tourism in Saudi Arabia is one of the emerging sectors, and religious tourism is its most important pillar, being the cradle of the Islamic religion, which makes it a tourist attraction, as the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque visit millions of Muslims to perform the Hajj and Umrah rituals.The percentage of Saudi employment in it exceeded 26% of the total workforce in the tourism sector, who occupy 670,000 direct jobs, and this employment contributed 9.1% of the total workforce in the Kingdom in the private sector. Thus, the return of a site in Saudi Arabia to the list of World Heritage sites. The rock art in the Hail region was added in 2015 to be on the World Heritage List. Saudi Arabia constitutes an important cultural and historical dimension, both religious and economic.The modern concept of tourism sponsored by the state is the multiple benefits of tourism in the economic, cultural, heritage, social and environmental aspects. There are also the most prolific 6,300 heritage and cultural sites in the country, of which 500 are mentioned in ancient Arabic poetry, and about 400 are the aftermath sites mentioned in the Prophet’s biography, but Mecca remains the most prolific city for visitors, followed by Medina. The Red Sea coast has beaches that qualify as an attractive place for tourists, about 1,800 km from the west and 700 km on the coast of the Arabian Gulf from the east. The Kingdom's warm waters and long daylight hours are important attractions .
Including Taif, the bride of summer vacations, where it enjoys the beautiful atmosphere and landscapes
And many more, which we will show you in the following lines in detail. The Floating Mosque or the Floating Mosque of Mercy, or the Mosque of Lady Fatima al-Zahra is one of the most famous places of religious tourism in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it is also called the Al-Awwam Mosque.The mosque is gaining its wide tourist fame, which makes people come to visit it from different countries of the world because it is the oldest mosque in history that is built on the surface of the sea, which was done in the mid-eighties of the last century. Tourists also enjoy watching the magnificent and unique view of the mosque, which is located in the heart of the Jeddah Sea, close to the Corniche, in addition to the stunning architectural design that characterizes the mosque, where the lighting factors section was added to its exterior design to give it a wonderful view at night amid the water. The tower also includes the second mosque in the world in terms of height, which is the King Abdullah Al Saud Mosque. Tourists go to the tower to enjoy a view of the entire city of Riyadh from a height of up to 300 meters, in addition to shopping and taking souvenir photos. Tourists go to visit it to enjoy the distinctive engineering and architectural design of its buildings and heritage houses, which were built on what is known as roofs or courses made of Sidr wood. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is currently seeking to include the village of Dhi Al-Ain on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Raghadan Forest is one of the most beautiful natural sites that allow its visitors, especially families and children, to enjoy the charming green nature, especially since the place is fully equipped to receive visitors from families and youth, in addition to a number of tents that have been prepared for youth gatherings. The Raghadan Forest is located at the top of a mountain peak located at the entrance to the Saudi city of Al-Baha, which makes it an excellent location for safari or walking through the green spaces, as well as barbecues and dining in the middle of the charming green nature. There is also a paradise for small seasonal animals in the forest that children can visit for a small fee, in addition to many recreational activities that take place in the garden throughout the summer .
It also has a large hall, called the Diwan of Jabal Athleb. Do not miss to visit this wonderful place in AlUla, and enjoy its splendor. The Muhammad Khalis Al-Harbi Museum is distinguished as a museum of folklore, owned by Dr. "Mohammed Khulais Al-Harbi".Al Hawara Mountain in the Al-Ula region of Madinah has one of the charming natural scenes, which attract and impress tourists with its beauty. This is because it is a very large mountain, with a soft and limp texture. Perhaps the most important thing that distinguishes it is that the famous she-camel of our master Salih, peace be upon him, has emerged from it. Jabal al-Hawah, located in a desert area, is characterized by a patch of urbanization. Thus, it provides tourists with the opportunity to take exciting safari tours, and distinctive Arab sessions. At night, tourists enjoy spending fun summer times around the burning fires, and harmony with this charming atmosphere. It is a distinctive mountain, tourists come to it constantly, and take the best souvenir photos next to this wonderful historical mountain. Barzan Al-Ula Resort is considered one of the most important tourism resorts check here in Al-Ula, which is frequented by tourists. It reflects the cultural and popular heritage of the distinctive city of AlUla. This resort allows tourists to take in the most delicious and famous Saudi food, and there you can learn how the people of Al-Ula benefited from the local natural materials in making tools. Tourists can also buy handicrafts, made of palm leaves, as a souvenir from this ancient city .

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